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You can go to yongchuan to see the top robots in China before Saturday

You can go to yongchuan to see the top robots in China before Saturday

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Robot alpha-dog beat world famous go player li shishi, and robot Ai successfully predicted that I was the singer's champion.
Robot alpha-dog beat world famous go player li shishi, and robot Ai successfully predicted that I was the singer's champion. Are robots so amazing?
Yesterday, 2016 national robot development BBS opened in yongchuan and will last until Saturday. What are some of the new and exciting robots on BBS, and how will it affect our lives? In response, the chongqing times reporter conducted a probe.
Robot; The eight immortals cross the sea.
There are children in the family, the robot can accompany the children to talk. There are old people in the family, and the robot can help the elderly to analyze the physical data and make an appointment with the doctor. On yesterday's BBS, service robots were unveiled.
Education robot: early education depends on it.
If you have any questions, just talk to the robot, and the robot will tell you the answer. Such early education robots appear on BBS. The robot is programmed to be more like a child, researchers told reporters. Peers can also lead children into society. In addition, the robot can make smart phone calls, control smart homes and monitor the situation at home.
Mimic a robot: a double depends on it.
The robot has a similar appearance, and as long as the corresponding program is edited, the robot will flexibly make corresponding actions according to people's instructions. If you don't know how to program, it doesn't matter. If you do something, the robot will mimic the action, and it can be done remotely via a phone camera. Staff told reporters the robot could be used as a stand-in for the movie.
Medical robot: health depends on it.
It is not so much a robot as an artificial intelligence system. Every day, the old man in the home through intelligent terminal measurement data such as blood pressure, heart rate, the robot can make the data analysis of the background system, gives the corresponding warning or warning, and gives the corresponding rehabilitation program. At the same time, there are doctors and nurses on the scene; Waiting, providing health services to the elderly. On the family side, you can monitor all the old people's data.
Fish-shaped robot: it depends on it.
A; The fish swims its tail in the water and swims, but the one who controls it is a nearby cell phone. This bionic robot fish has the characteristics of high efficiency, high mobility and low disturbance. Scientific research personnel, the bionic machine fish can adapt to the complex underwater environment, the narrow waters or dangerous waters underwater inspection, underwater archaeology, equipment maintenance, etc., has broad prospects.
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Interview with professor of Chinese academy of engineering zheng nanning and kobe university professor luo zhiwei.
Robots have been widely used in automobile, biology and other aspects.
Maybe you're used to saying something to Siri on your iphone, to see how it responds, and you've probably heard of another talking, learning robot, Microsoft ice. In fact, these; No wonder; High-tech, robotics and artificial intelligence, they have come to people.
Zheng nanning, President of the China association of automation and academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, told reporters: The computer structure we use today will also evolve to higher performance and better indicators. Zheng nanning said that as long as there are people, robots can be used.
Robots can perform manual labor and fine operation in place of human beings, and these techniques have been widely used in automobiles, biology and other fields. In terms of mental work, the information collection and summary ability of robots are also higher than humans, which can help people.
Robots, for example, have the advantage of smooth operation, fine incision and intelligent feedback, which can greatly reduce the time of operation and improve the quality of surgery. On yesterday's BBS, professor luo zhiwei from kobe university in Japan Shared the healthy robot technology in the old society.
Bring bring about signing
China automation society.
To help chongqing science and technology association innovation.
In order to promote the restructuring and upgrading of the industrial structure in chongqing, yesterday, the China association of automation and the chongqing science and technology association reached an agreement to implement an innovation-driven support project in chongqing.
The reporter understands, according to the agreement, the two sides will revolve around chongqing's social development and national policy guidance, take advantage of the international society, member of organize experts to chongqing regional development strategy, industrial upgrading, development planning, key industries upgrade roadmap and other professional opinions, provide intellectual support for the development of chongqing.